MUD CAKE - Descriptions of cakes NOT cupcakes

  • Chocolate - two layers of choc mud cake with a choc ganache layer between.                
  • White Chocolate - two layers of white mud cake (lighter than regular mud cake) with a layer of white ganache between.
  • Mars Bar - two layers of a richer choc mud cake with a layer of choc ganache and chopped Mars Bars.                     
  • Cherry Ripe - two layers of our cake version of a Cherry Ripe bar.  Filled with a layer of ganache with moist coconut and chopped Cherry Ripes mixed with the choc ganache layer. 
  • Caramel - two layers of a lighter mud cake with a caramel ganache layer                
  • Cookies and Cream - two layers of our white mud cake with Oreos mixed in and filled with our Cookies and Cream ganache.
  • Lemon and Lime - two layers of dense white mud cake infused with fresh lemon and limes and filled with white ganache.            
  • Sticky Date - two layers of our caramel based mud cake with pureed dates and filled with a caramel ganache.
  • Mocha - two layers of our coffee/choc mud cake filled with a layer of choc ganache.                    
  • Choc Mint - two layers of our minty choc mud cake filled with a layer of choc mint ganache.
  • Rocky Road - two layers of a rich choc mud cake filled with a marshmallow, raspberry and nut ganache. CONTAINS NUTS                 
  • Jaffa - two layers of choc orange mud cake filled with a choc orange ganache.                  
  • Blueberry - a more summer inspired choice with fresh blueberries in both the mud cake layers and the ganache.  Seasonal cake only.
  • Chai - a blend of tea in our two layers of chai mud with white choc ganache.                    
  • Banoffee - two layers of banana toffee mud cake filled with a banana ganache.          
  • Top Deck - the top tier is white mud and the bottom layers is choc mud filled with a choc ganache.            
  • Turkish Delight - our rose water inspired Turkish Delight is joined with a layer of choc ganache and chopped Turkish Delights. 
  • Butterscotch - based on two layers of white mud cake, and joined with a butterscotch ganache.      
  • Banana Macadamia - a nutty banana mix filled with a white choc ganache.  CONTAINS NUTS,
  • Rum and Raisin - raisins soaked over night in rum permeate this choc mud cake filled with a layer of choc ganache.                   
  • Coconut - based on our white mud cake, this one is filled with moist coconut and a layer of white choc ganache. 
  • Salted Caramel - similar to our caramel mud but with a hit of salt.‚Äč
  • Ferrero Rocher - two layers of hazelnut choc mud cake with a choc ganache, choc wafers, nutella and hazelnuts layer. 

REGULAR CAKE - single tier only cakes





Special Dietary Considerations

Unfortunately, due to the increasing severity of food intolerances in the community with regard to cross-contamination of allergens such as gluten, nut, soy, dairy, eggs, chocolate and so on, we no longer provide any special dietary cakes.

As our kitchen creates cakes containing all these ingredients, there is just no safe way of creating an allergen-free range for our customers with special dietary needs. 

If you have an allergy to gluten, or any other ingredient commonly used in cakes, you may want to try the Facebook page Albany Cake Decorators as one of them may be able to accommodate your request. 

PLEASE NOTE: We do not, and cannot, offer fresh whipped cream or any other filling/covering that requires constant refrigeration. This includes creme patissiere (custard filling), cheesecake, cream cheese and mousse. We suggest you seek a commercial shopfront bakery for your refrigerated bakery items such as Royale Patisserie. 


Cake flavours